In the USA from throat cancer died Alan Landers

titleIn the U.S. at 69 year of life died from throat cancer actor and model Alan Landers, who for many years was "the look" American tobacco companies.Doing a commercial for cigarettes Winston in 1960-70-ies, Landers has gained worldwide fame, it got the nickname Winston-man, ITAR-TASS reported.Later, ill with cancer, actor devoted the rest of his life to the fight against Smoking, becoming a representative of the world health organization (who), taking part in its campaign against tobacco.Landers, whose real name was Allan Levine, started Smoking in childhood. Becoming an actor, he began to advertise the products of the tobacco giants of the US, he remained a smoker, not paying attention to the fact that this habit is harmful to health.In 1987, a Winston man was diagnosed with lung cancer, he had surgery to remove fragments of the right lung, but the disease has spread to the left. He also suffered from emphysema and underwent bypass surgery on two arteries.Landers turned into a staunch opponent of tobacco. In December 1995, he filed a lawsuit a class action lawsuit against American tobacco companies on behalf of people whose health has been damaged by Smoking.He was made of tougher rules for the sale of tobacco, which, as he believed, should be equated to the substances which cause addiction. In addition, Landers wanted the court to oblige the tobacco manufacturers to pay compensation to the victims from Smoking.In 2006, the court of Florida rejected a class action lawsuit in the amount of $ 145 million, filed by Landers. Читать полностью -->

Rudkovskaya and Plushenko became the bride and groom

titleRecently celebrities like competing with each other in the ability to profitably combine work and personal life.In magazines increasingly have a detailed photo documentation of weddings, christenings, weddings and other events from the life of stars, the same events are covered on TV and social events.And if on the wedding day on the ice gave Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Peter Tchernyshev, now their competitors from other shows Evgeni Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya decided to do the same on the podium.During the show, Ilya Shiyan, which was held in the framework of the fashion Week in Moscow, Yana and Evgeny depicted the bride and groom. First, the producer of Dima Bilan appeared on the catwalk in tight white pants and a fur vest over his naked body, but to the final Jan was dressed in a dress made from crocodile skin, and on his head they put up the pink veil."Ku-ku. And you're his fiancГ©e." - said Plushenko."As whose? "wondered Ian. Is your.By the way, on the podium of the bride came out in support of strong guys, which were just melting. Plushenko such finding the Director of the action was on the doorstep. In the end, he came to the podium, took his seat next to the girl and took her hand. Читать полностью -->

David Duchovny is suing the Daily Mail newspaper

titleAmerican actor David Duchovny sued British newspaper the Daily Mail for publishing an article in which it was alleged that he cheated on his wife with the tennis instructor, Reuters reported on 23 October. The amount of the claim amounted to a million dollars.On 18 October on the website of the Daily Mail online published an article in which it was argued that Duchovny had intimate relations with his tennis coach Edith Pakai (Edit Pakay). In the lawsuit the publication States that this information is untrue.Also in the text of the lawsuit says that on Tuesday, the article was removed from the newspaper's website, but by that time it already was widely cited in the British media that "has caused an even greater Spiritual harm". In addition, Paki never even had the train Duchovny's tennis, and was just his friend, with whom he played tennis.Duchovny is married to his wife, actress Tea Leoni for 11 years, the couple has two children. October 15, representatives of Leoni and Duchovny reported that the couple broke up and for a few months living separately. Previously it was also reported that Duchovny has successfully passed the course of treatment for sex addiction at a rehabilitation clinic.Fame Duchovny brought his roles in the television series "X-Files" and "РЎalifornication". Читать полностью -->

In Japan chose the most beautiful girl

titleOn Monday in Tokyo held a contest Miss Sweden - 2009. Initially, the jury chose from 3 508 contestants. The top prize was taken by 17-year-old Marino Miyata, a student of the graduate school of Tokyo.This is only the fourth case in more than forty-year history of the contest when the prize goes to such a young contender, said the local edition Tokyograph.Special audience award, which is awarded on the results of Internet voting, went to 19-year-old Yusa Kato, the University student Aichi Shukutoku.The title of Miss Kimono left 25-year-old RAS Matsumoto. The title of Miss Naturalness - the age of the Ayas Sadahiro. And two original titles - Miss the Coast and Miss the Vault of heaven - got-20-year-old Yu Ikenaga and 24-year-old Yaoi Hamachi.Newfound beauty Queen talked about their career plans. She is going to do business journalism. Читать полностью -->

Keanu Reeves was the best actor in the world

titleBritney Spears received from the hands of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld Bambi award for Pop International - best international pop singer.Keanu Reeves flew from Madrid to receive the award as the Best actor in the world. Meg Ryan handed the deer as Best actress in the world.Placido Domingo has become the world's best classic but Lewis Hamilton won the special jury prize.Til Schweiger and Nora, Thinner won the prize for Best film "Handsome". Prizes also went to the singer Leone Lewis and actress Claudia Cardinale.Bambi is the most prestigious media award in Germany.This prize was established in 1948 by the publishing house "Burda "in response to three American awards - Oscar, Emmy and Grammy awards. Now the main award was established by the German media.The owners of these honorary prizes become leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the art, world, entertainment, science, social Sciences, sports and fashion. Source: Keanu Reeves became the best actor in the world. . Читать полностью -->

In Moscow, opened the animation festival Sex''n Fun

titleIn the capital cinema "35 mm" opened animation festival Sex''n Fun. Unlike the December program of the UK Animation of desires", which can be regarded as a kind of prelude, spring show Sex''n Fun - this is no ordinary erotic cartoons, and animation marked XXX.The name of the festival is also a warning for the audience is underage, too chaste and not with a sense of humor to the shows to come should not be, because it's wildly inappropriate, often obscene and very funny.All presented in the program authors are people known in the animated world, has been awarded numerous prizes. Best known to a wide audience name is bill Plympton. His hard, full of black humor comics have long been considered the face of MTV and short films had real commercial success.In his characteristic manner Plympton will tell the audience how to kiss (How to kiss"), and in the film "How to make love to a woman" will go to more drastic advice.According to animated Mary Tishchenko, behind all this mischief and recklessness is a serious film. This is not some silly crafts, and attentive viewers will certainly see and appreciate their experimental nature and neatness, thoroughness in the development. Source: Moscow started animation festival Sex''n Fun. Читать полностью -->

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